Growler Station

The only constant in the ever changing beer industry is that customers are always looking for new and exciting craft beers.  Nick’s, with help from companies near and afar, has installed a state of the art Growler Station based on the same operating principles as bottling lines. We use a blended gas counter pressure system. This state of the art technique forces beer to fill the growler from the bottom up reducing loss due to foam, while keeping the beer as fresh as possible.


While Nick’s carries a wide array of craft beer in bottles and cans, our Growler Station has opened the doors to  endless possibilities. Our Growler Station taps are constantly changing with beers that are extremely rare or even limited to draft only. Our list is always changing, so check back with us regularly or you may miss out on that one beer you have been waiting for.

                                            Greenspring Spring Ale


-We tank-conditioned this classic American ale with Pacific Northwest hops to provide hints of flower and citrus. A clean finish compliments an elegant style.  


-ABV: 6.0%


-Calvert County, Md



                                         Dogfish Head 120 Min. IPA


-Clocking in at 15-20% ABV and 120 IBUs, it's easy to see why we call this beer THE HOLY GRAIL for hopheads! 120 Minute IPA is boiled for a full two hours while being continuously hopped with high-alpha American hops, then dry-hopped daily in the fermenter for a month and aged for another month on whole-leaf hops.


-ABV: 15%-20%



                                              Union Genius Anyway


-This farmhouse ale was brewed with Spelt, Oats and Pilsen malts, hopped with Citra and Ekuanot hops and then fermented on organic Mango puree. Genius Anyway is light, smooth, fruity and floral with pleasant farmhouse yeast notes and a touch of tropical mango.


-ABV: 8.0%


-IBU: 35



                                                Weyerbacher Tiny


-TINY is a Belgian inspired Imperial Stout weighing in at 11.8% ABV. You’ll find big chocolate and roasted notes, balanced with the Belgian flavors from the Abbey yeast strain.


-This beer is very smooth and lacks the astringency you sometimes find in these Imperial Stouts.


-ABV: 11.8%



                                          Stone Ghost Hammer IPA


-This IPA, liberally hopped with Loral, honors our intrepid overnight team by naming it after their mischievous poltergeist companion – the Ghost Hammer.


-ABV: 6.7%


-IBU: 56



                                               Atlas Ugly and Stoned


-Plate of the Union, a consumer-focused education campaign promoting healthy and affordable food, safe drinking water and smart food policy, announced a charity beer partnership with Atlas Brew Works and MOM’s Organic Market to raise awareness and reduce food waste. The Rescue Brew beer is a delicious peach sour ale called Ugly and Stoned, representing the recovered stone fruits – peaches and plums – that are key ingredients in the beer. MOM’s donated unsold stone fruit for the cause.


-ABV: 5.5%


-IBU: 12



                                                Black Flag Z Morris


-A light and refreshing Blonde Ale brewed with only Centennial hops. A Bayside favorite!


-ABV: 4.8%


-IBU: 20


-Columbia, Md



                                           Burley Oak Sorry Chicky


-Dry Hopped Berliner Weisse


-At Burley Oak, we love our sour beers! We also love all the aromas you get from our IPA’s. By dry hopping this lacto-happy beer, we’ve created an extreme sensory experience.


-ABV: 4.4%











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