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Sippin’ Smart: Your Guide to Healthy and Delicious Smoothies

Being able to nourish yourself while also being protective of your time and your pocketbook—and also not compromising on taste—can feel like a big lift. Fortunately, with a few basic ingredients and a blender, you can create delicious smoothies that are healthy, satisfying, and easy to eat whether you’re on your way out the door […]

Crowd-Pleasing Super Bowl Dishes

Need to feed a few hungry football fans at your Super Bowl party? Super Bowl Sunday is famous for the big game but also everything that comes along with it, such as getting together with friends and family and good eats.  Whether your home team is playing or you just want a reason to gather, […]

Cozy Cocktails and Mocktails: Holiday Drink Recipes for Every Gathering

Toasting the season with your family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues can be meaningful and a lot of fun. Fortunately, there are more options than ever to do this. Some people enjoy more traditional beverages infused with alcohol, and others prefer alcohol-free mocktails for a variety of reasons. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your […]

Too Tired to Meal Prep? Make Your Proteins Ahead of Time

Preparing individual meals every night can get exhausting. Just thinking about all the ingredients you need and the work you’ll have to do before dinner hits the table can be stressful and make you lose your appetite. One solution is advance meal prepping, but many people find preparing entire meals for the week in advance […]

Grilling the Perfect Burger — Common Mistakes to Avoid

Covered with toppings or “naked” with nothing at all, grilling the perfect burger is the key to a successful cookout. Burgers are a staple at family gatherings and large celebrations alike. But, if you’ve ever had a terrible burger, you know that there’s a trick to getting it right.  Should you be using a certain […]

The Ultimate Spring Cocktail Party – Tried and True Classics

Winter has already faded into spring, meaning your choice of cocktails should change to reflect the seasons. Spring cocktail choices usually lean toward lighter drinks that include fresh ingredients. And because the weather is warmer, most of them will be served cold. And what better time to try out some of these drinks than a […]

How to Host a Kentucky Derby-Themed Party

The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner. Slated for Saturday, May 6th, if you haven’t already started planning for your Kentucky Derby-themed cookout, there’s not a moment more to waste. At Nick’s of Calvert, we have everything you need to plan the perfect party, from pre-made appetizers to the freshest ingredients for cooking to […]