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Fourth of July Celebration – Choosing the Right Beer

While planning a Fourth of July cookout can feel like a big commitment, your holiday should be stress-free and enjoyable. At Nick’s of Clinton, we do what we can to make prepping your menu and planning your cookout as straightforward as possible. With fully stocked shelves and a large selection of wine, beer, and liquor, we have everything you need for the perfect day. And if you don’t feel like cooking or baking, don’t worry—we have you covered with pre-made foods and desserts, too. Visit our store today or give us a call at (301) 843-4825 today. 

Fourth of July Celebration – Choosing the Right Beer

 For beer lovers, there’s no better time to crack one open than the 4th of July. It’s hot, it’s a holiday which means you have the day off work, and the menu options are t-a-s-t-y. Whether you have a favorite beer type that you know will make it onto the menu on the Fourth or prefer to mix things up based on food pairings and mood, we have some great beer recommendations this holiday season. And at Nick’s of Calvert, you can get all of the beer (and other shopping list items!) you need all in one location. Here are some of our favorite beer recommendations based on your Fourth of July food pairings— 

Indian Pale Ale

 Over the past decade, IPAs have gone from a little-known brew type to one of the most popular beers on the market. Whether you love standard IPAs, double IPAs, or hazy IPAs, these hoppy beers pair perfectly with 4th of July ribs, brisket, or any spicy foods you might prepare (think: stuffed jalapenos or a spicy salsa). IPAs are great on a hot day and pack a lot of flavor. 

 Light Lagers

Light lagers are among the lightest, palest types of ale on the market and are just about as different from an IPA as you can get—they’re rarely hopper or bitter at all. Because they are so light, they are great with just about any type of food, whether something fresh (that delicious green salad you’re planning for the holiday), traditional (hot dogs, anyone?!), and even spicy options. While fish isn’t a traditional Fourth of July menu item, light lagers do pair well with seafood. 

 Blonde Ale

 If you’re in doubt about what type of beer to drink or purchase for your Fourth of July celebration, choose a blonde ale! These beers are smooth, light in color, and are light-to-moderate on alcohol content. Blonde ales pair with just about any food, so they’re great when you’re not sure what everyone will enjoy. 

 American Wheat Ale

 Popularized by craft breweries, American wheat ales are a crowd favorite. Well-known for their maltiness, these beers can range in bitterness and are usually medium-bodied. Menu items on the Fourth of July that may pair well with an American wheat ale include that cheese platter you’re planning, fruit, light salads, chicken, and strawberry shortcake. 


 A Dubbel, often called a Belgian Dubbel, is a complex, flavorful, and highly alcohol beer. The deep color of the Dubbel is unique in that it comes from caramelized or candied sugar, not malt. These beers are sweet rather than bitter and offer a mouthful of flavor. They pair great with pork and sausages (consider upgrading from the traditional hotdogs this Fourth!), as well as potatoes and barbeque food in general. 


 Porters are a style of darker beer that isn’t to be confused with stouts. Typically, porters contain notes of chocolate, grains, and toffee. Because of this, they are often characterized as heavier beers and aren’t recommended for light drinking. More popular in the wintertime, porters are often paired with chilis, stews, meats, and braised dishes. However, if you’re a lover of a porter, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy one on the 4th!


 Stouts are similar to porters in that they are dark and often have notes of chocolate or dark fruits, like cherries, but unique in that they’re highly roasted, bitter, and hoppy. They can easily overpower a lot of dishes, and for this reason are often consumed for dessert alongside dark chocolate truffles or espresso cake. However, they can stand up to other strong flavors, such as those found in aged cheddar, barbeque, and smoked meats.

 Find the Best Beer at Nick’s of Calvert

 If you’re still not sure which type of beer makes the most sense for your Fourth of July festivities this year, we recommend purchasing a few different options and letting your guests choose. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even recommend specific pairings for your guests or host a beer tasting table. 

 At Nick’s of Calvert, we have all of the ingredients for a perfect Fourth of July celebration. Check out our store for the freshest vegetables, the highest quality meats and cheeses, and the best prepared foods and sides. We have a large selection of beer, wine, and liquor to complement whatever dishes you’re serving. Plus, our friendly staff will go above and beyond to make sure you can find whatever it is you’re looking for.

 To learn more about great beer pairings and the selections we carry, visit Nick’s of Calvert on Costley Way or call (410) 414-7105 today.