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Why Choose to Shop at Nick’s of Calvert?

The place where you do your grocery shopping has a big impact on your life. Food is and extremely important commodity. Not only is a necessary staple in our lives, but food is often how we express love, culture, and identity. So, the type of food you buy, and where you buy it, says a lot about who you are. Not only is grocery shopping about finding the right food products that are fresh and high-quality, but it’s also about building relationships with the butcher, the cashier, or the person behind the deli counter—not to mention the neighbors and community members you see while you shop. At Nick’s of Calvert, we prioritize our customers and offer a unique shopping experience. To learn more about our supermarket, please visit us today.

Here’s an overview of why we think you’ll be happy with your choice to shop at Nick’s of Calvert. 

What You’ll Love About Nick’s of Calvert

Whether you’re looking for the freshest produce, the best cuts of meat, or just a local grocery store feeling, we have you covered. Here’s what you’ll love about Nick’s of Calvert: 

Fresh Produce 

If you value fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables, you’ve come to the right place when you choose Nick’s of Calvert. We strive to always have fresh produce stocked and carry a wide selection of fruits and veggies. 

Full-Service Meat Counter 

One of the best features of our grocery store is our full-service meat counter. Our butchers are highly skilled and prepare the best cuts of meat for our customers. We also maintain a wide selection of meat products, including seafood, chicken, beef, and pork. As the heart of our store, our 40-foot meat counter only hosts the finest-quality meat products. We maintain competitive prices, and feature daily cut and trimmed choice steaks. 

Gourmet Entrees 

If you don’t feel like cooking dinner, we can’t say we blame you, especially when you have the option of picking up an affordable, gourmet entree from Nick’s of Calvert. Using the finest ingredients, we are happy to prepare an entree for you that you just have to throw in the oven when you’re ready for dinner. Have any special entree requests? Just let us know. 

Amazing Deli Selections 

Like the meat counter, our deli is another major attraction of our grocery store. The deli offers a multitude of specialty meats and cheese from around the world, and we will gladly slice meats and cheeses to your satisfaction. At our deli, you’ll also find our hot bar, which features daily lunch specials and made-to-order hot and cold sandwiches. While you’re here, don’t forget to pop over to our bakery! 


Having to make an extra trip to the liquor store is a hassle, especially when you can get everything you need right at the grocery store. We carry both domestic and imported spirits, wine, and beer for every occasion. Our craft beer selection is the best in Southern Maryland. Our staff is extremely well educated and can share with you their insights on what liquor, wine or beer to buy and what meal to pair it with. We also have a well-stocked growler station where you can try out different brews before filling your growler. 

Local Flair

We know that you care about supporting small businesses and the local economy. At Nick’s of Calvert, we’re operating a family business that was started over 50 years ago. Not only are you supporting an alternative to a large commercial grocery store chain when you shop at Nick’s of Calvert, but you’re also supporting local workers and many local farmers and businesses whose products we feature in our store.

A Hometown Grocery Store You Can Trust 

Maybe the most remarkable thing about Nick’s of Calvert isn’t the produce, nor the meat counter, nor the gourmet entrees, deli selections, or spirits, but the sense of community you’ll experience while shopping with us. We pride ourselves on being a hometown grocery store that offers a superior alternative to the traditional and overwhelming large grocery chain store. Founded in Maryland in the early 1970s with the hope of providing the best customer service high-quality products, today, Nick’s of Calvert continues to be a leader in how to do grocery shopping right. The family-run business spans three generations and is steadfast in its commitment to its customers. 

Start Shopping at Nick’s of Calvert Today

If you’re looking for a grocery store that is better than the big chain stores in every sense of the word—supports a local business, offers high-quality products, and cares about community—then Nick’s of Calvert is for you. To learn more about Nick’s of Calvert and what to expect when you shop in our store, please feel free to visit us at 930 Costley Way, Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678 or give us a call at (410) 414-7105 today.

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